The Journey Begins….

In December 2011, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Taiji, Japan. My reason for going was to volunteer as a Cove Guardian.

For those that are not familiar with the documentary “The Cove”, each year dolphins are slaughtered in Taiji, Japan. Beautiful sentient beings are driven miles by killing boats into the cove where they are picked over by trainers to be imprisoned and forced to perform for human entertainment.The dolphins that are not chosen, are brutally murdered for their meat.

My two weeks in Taiji was a whirlwind of realization. A realization that I needed to do more for these animals.

After my two weeks, I returned home to Massachusetts, I was broken. My heart ached and I needed to go back to that little town. I decided I would return to Taiji for the duration of the Dolphin Hunt. That usually is end of March or early April. I would be gone for over two months? Holy crap. How will I survive ? How will I pay my bills ? Who will take care of my fur kids?

As the planning started, it all came together. Fundraising, fund raising and more fundraising. I was blessed to find a sweet housesitter to care for my fur kids and was able to do readings for donations. Which has helped for travel expenses.

I left for Taiji January 25th, which was an entire month sooner than anticipated. I scrambled and got it together at the last minute. I was dreading saying goodbye to the fur kids and they knew when I brought out the luggage that Mommy was leaving and for a long time.

It was suppose to take me 33 hours to get to Osaka, Japan, but really it took me 44 hours to get to my final destination.

My new camcorder broke as I was leaving for the airport, flights were cancelled, wrong trains and I never slept….but I finally made it. It didn’t matter what it took to get here as long as I was here.

I got settled into my tiny little hotel room, met other volunteers and got reacquainted with Taiji.

These first couple of days have been quiet and no dolphins have been killed. That doesn’t mean we are not here working. We monitor every action.

To be a witness to such an atrocity and walk away is far worse than the actual atrocity. To stand up, be a voice and make a difference is always the better choice.

So while I am here, I continue to give skype readings for donations that will help fund my work here. I will be filming, documenting and sharing what I witness.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out with kind words of inspiration, friends that have donated and everyone that shares my posts and tweets. Those updates are important and the more people hear and read about Taiji, the sooner the slaughter will end.