As a “Voice for the Voiceless”, Melissa Sehgal a Psychic/Medium since childhood, has bridged communication between Animals and Humans and between the Living and the Deceased.

She discovered her psychic ability as a child, being able to speak with friends, relatives and animals that had passed. Over the years has given hundreds of readings and has worked with many paranormal teams as an Investigator and Medium. Well known in the paranormal community, she’s spoken at many conferences, events and has been seen on the History Channel.

Mel spends much of her time dedicated to animal advocacy and has traveled worldwide speaking for Animals and Veganism for the Environment and Health.

After having a conversation on whether animals have souls, Mel began focusing her psychic ability specifically on animals. She created Animal Paranormal, the first paranormal research dedicated solely to animal spirits. Traveling to various locations and collecting evidence proving animals do exist in the afterlife. A combined love, respect for animals and the ability to connect with the spirit world.

Mel’s dedication and passion for her ability have healed the hearts of so many over the years.

Mel provides Private Readings and Group Gallery Readings.